Everything Old is New Again

It seems trite but it’s important to consider how technology enables things in ways that you can’t predict. Back in my TSN days I had an idea for a game that would be played during a sporting event. Since most of fantasy sports takes place before or after the event, it made sense that someone would try to fill that gap.

The problem was that I envisioned it as a web-based game because there was no such thing as an iPhone back then. Turns out a web-based game that you play while watching a sporting event on your television at home isn’t that appealing to people. Especially if it’s a NASCAR game (because at the time there were questions about whether MLB would win the CDM case). But with with the advent of the iPhone that no longer sounds insane. As a matter of fact it kinda sounds interesting again. If you had a very lightweight game mechanic (think predictive questions) and some fun side-effects, you could probably make a decent fantasy game out of just that. Food for thought.

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  1. Jeff Carr on June 9th, 2010

    That’s a really, really good idea. I’ve been thinking of starting a new side project. I’ll let you know if I start coming up with any good ideas in that direction.

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