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Below is a list of topics that I brainstormed for this blog. They are in no particular order, and the list is subject to change at any time. Feel free to comment on this thread and vote for one of these topics to be covered sooner by posting the topic title. And of course suggestions for other topics are always welcome.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list of ideas I have for posts, just the ones that are the most thought through at this point.

  • Outer Joins are Evil Part I: What is an Outer Join
  • Outer Joins are Evil Part II: Techniques to Help Avoid Outer Joins (here)
  • IDs vs. Strings as primary keys
  • Pregeneration of Frequently Rendered Data
  • Chameleon Design – Multiple Interpretations of the Same Table
  • Self Obsoleting Data (here)
  • Proper Indexing 101
  • Proper Use of Check Constraints and Enums (here)
  • Column- vs. Row-based Designs
  • Skipping Foreign Keys for Maximum Flexibility
  • Sets – When PK’s Aren’t Enough (here)
  • Creating MVC with Database Views
  • Best Uses for Materialized Views
  • Parameterization Design
  • Naming Conventions in Design
  • Beauty of is_active and display_order (here)
  • Know the Query
  • Partition Processes for Performance
  • Web Accessible Data and Config – the Hows and Whys
  • Baby Steps for Processing Intensive Apps
  • The Request Token (here)
  • Row Auditing
  • Square Pegs, Rectangular Holes
  • Mapping Table Design
  • Searching: Optimizing for Simple Searches
  • Searching: Storing Multiple Versions of Strings
  • Maximizing Run Time Efficiency vs. Pregeneration of Data
  • The 3 Types of Designers
  • I Love Me Some Stored Procedures
  • The DBA is Your Friend: How to Speak to a DBA
  • General Thoughts on Middle Tier Technology
  • Love the End User
  • Object Stores, in Memory Databases
  • Oracle’s Explain Plan for Developers
  • How to be a Data Integrity Watchdog (here)
  • Today We have the Naming of Parts – IDs can Change (here)
  • Oracle Data Dictionary for Developer

Other ideas for series or recurring topics:

  • Critique of data models of popular open-source projects like phpbb or MediaWiki
  • Creating a data model for a fantasy sports application
  • PL/SQL for Server-side Developers
  • Keeping Data Integrity Intact
  • Oracle Query Optimization
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  1. Steve Clay on January 10th, 2009

    I love this idea. Post ideas vs. time is also a big issue for me. If I must, I’d vote for “Searching: Storing Multiple Versions of Strings”. I’ve dabbled with LIKE and SOUNDEX in MySQL, but I really have no experience with modern search engine design.

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